Our practice offers a complete range of obstetrical care, including the care of high-risk pregnancies.  The goal of our prenatal care program is to reinforce the health and well being for both mother and child, in addition to assisting with the transition of siblings and husbands. The continual process of education begins early in the pregnancy and continues throughout your labor and delivery and postpartum experience. Our office utilizes state of the art ultrasound technology for assistance in guiding your obstetrical care.  Risk assessment is carried out preconceptually, as well as on an ongoing basis throughout the gestation. If problems are identified at any point, our doctors and staff are trained to address these issues, and to work in conjunction with local perinatologists and specialists who ensure adequate care for the unique needs of a high-risk pregnancy.  The goal of our staff and physicians throughout your pregnancy is to provide a full range of obstetrical services in a caring and compassionate environment. 

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